July 30, 2023
Bus Transportation

If your child will ride a bus to and from school, you should have received a bus pass in the mail.  The bus pass will include the bus stop location and time for pick up and drop off.  If you received a bus pass, but your child will not ride the bus, please contact our office at 847-357-6700 so we can update transportation records.

Driving Your Child to School

If you choose to transport your child, we ask that parents park on Kingsdale Road on the north side of the school, in front of the field.  The traffic increases during the busy drop-off time, so we ask that everyone cross the street at the stop sign with the help of our crossing guard.  

Daycare Arrangements

It is important to notify the school office, as well as your child’s teacher, of permanent daycare arrangements.  We want to have a clear understanding of where our students are going at the end of the day to help ensure their safety.  We ask that you share this information in writing before the first day of school, and update us if your childcare arrangements change throughout the school year.  

Tardy Procedures

Students who are tardy to school (arriving after 8:40am) will need to be signed in by a parent or guardian in our front office.