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Mrs. Mielke teaches all classes that are not taught by Mr. Kepka. 

Mr. Kepka teaches Mrs. Simms, Mr. Blaszko, Ms. Zacharia, and Mrs. Blakely’s Classes on Monday and Friday mornings.

Academic Enrichment program

Academic Enrichment is a program that rewards students for reading with more books!  When your child reads for the required minutes for his/her grade level, a free book is earned.  Your child should record the date, title of the book, and number of minutes read using the Academic Enrichment Reading Log.  When your child turns in the reading log into the library, they will be given a coupon for a free book that they get to keep at home!

Book Checkout


Each week students get to check out a book from our library.  Students in Kindergarten, first grade, and second grade are allowed to check out one book each week.  Later in the year, first and second grade students will be able to check out two books per week.  Students in third through sixth grade are allowed to check out two books each week.  Books are due back to the library one week after being checked out.  Students may renew books if they need more time to read them!  We also have Ebooks that students in third through sixth grade can check out any time!

Library books are checked out by students each week. They are always due the following week on the class’s library check out day.


On Mondays, the following classes will check out books:  Mrs. Simms (3rd Grade), Mr. Blaszko (6th Grade), Ms. Evans (5th Grade), Mrs. Schwichtenberg (1st Grade), Mrs. Herrera (Kindergarten), and Ms. Hartman (Instructional).

On Tuesdays, the following classes will check out books:  Ms. Hasenberg (4th Grade), Mrs. Faso (6th Grade), Ms. Balogh (1st Grade), and Ms. Lowe (Kindergarten), and Mrs. Kaminski (Instructional).  

On Wednesdays, the following classes will check out books:  Mr. Sun (3rd Grade), Ms. Burke (4th Grade), Mrs. Grosenbach (5th Grade), Ms. Todd (2nd Grade), and Mrs. Skazin (Instructional).

On Thursdays, the following classes will check out books:  Mrs. Buck (3rd Grade), Mrs. Prokuski (4th Grade), Ms. Reid (1st Grade), Mrs. Heidenreich (2nd Grade), Ms. Tomaszewski (Instructional), and Mrs. Hunt (Instructional).

On Fridays, the following classes will check out books:  Mrs. Blakely (5th Grade), Ms. Zacharia (6th Grade), Ms. Harris (Instructional), Mrs. Maduzia (2nd Grade), and Ms. Whipple (Kindergarten).



Overdue Policy


We DO NOT charge fines for overdue books. We DO expect students to return books and materials on time. There is a charge for replacement costs for lost or damaged books.


Replacement/Repair Costs for Materials Lost or Damaged


Community Consolidated School District 54 purchases thousands of dollars of instructional materials each year for student use. It is the user’s responsibility to maintain these materials.  Therefore, if an item has been lost or damaged/destroyed, an appropriate cost or repair charge will be determined by the principal and billed to the responsible Parent/Guardian.