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Armstrong Library

  • Library Book Due Dates

    Library books are checked out by students each week. They are always due the following week on the class’s library check out day. Below are the days when each class’s books are due.

    Mondays – Ms. Todd, Mrs. Blakely, Ms. Hasenberg, and Mrs. Maduzia

    Tuesdays – Ms. Balogh, Mrs. Rengers, Mrs. Faso, Mrs. Simms, and  Ms. Whipple

    Wednesdays – Ms. Reid, Mr. Blaszko, and Mrs. Paradise

    Thursdays – Mrs. Sarley, Ms. Beilke, Mrs. Herrera, and Ms. Haderspeck

    Fridays – Mr. Sun, Mrs. Vazquez, Ms. Harris, and Ms. Lowe

  • Order Scholastic Books

    Ordering from Scholastic is a great and cheap way to build your child’s library!

    Scholastic Orders will be due after the Armstrong School Book Fair in the Fall..  If you are interested in ordering, you can order books through the Scholastic website.

    Our classroom code is GMQX7.  The teacher name is Tina Mielke.

    Your purchase helps to support Armstrong Library and other school programs.

    Thank you for your order!

    If your child is in Ms. Bollinger, Mrs. Hasenberg, Mrs. Herrera, Ms. Haderspeck, or Ms. Beilke’s class, please contact the teacher directly to order through Scholastic.

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  • Welcome to Armstrong’s Library!

    Welcome to the Armstrong Library!  Students will be able to start checking out books on August 26, 2019.  We have lots of new and exciting titles for all grade levels!  Below are some of our policies.

    Book Checkout

    Each week students get to check out a book from our library.  Students in Kindergarten are allowed to check out one book each week.  Students in first and second grade will be able to choose one book each week also, but will then be able to check out two books beginning in January.  Students in third through sixth grade are allowed to check out two books each week.  Books are due back to the library one week after being checked out.  Students may renew books if they need more time to read them!

    Overdue Policy

    We DO NOT charge fines for overdue books. We DO expect students to return books and materials on time. There is a charge for replacement costs for lost or damaged books.

    Replacement/Repair Costs for Materials Lost or Damaged

    Community Consolidated School District 54 purchases thousands of dollars of instructional materials each year for student use. It is the user’s responsibility to maintain these materials.  Therefore, if an item has been lost or damaged/destroyed, an appropriate cost or repair charge will be determined by the principal and billed to the responsible Parent/ Guardian.


    Final Due Date for Library Books is May 24th

    It has been such a great school year!  I absolutely appreciate all of the hard work our Armstrong Students have accomplished in Library Classes!

    All library books must be turned in by Friday, May 24, 2019.  If a book is lost or damaged, it must be paid for by this date also.  We accept cash or a check made out to Armstrong School.   If a book is found later, a full refund will be given.

    Get Ready for the Maker Faire

    It’s hard to believe that we’re closing in on the last few weeks of school!  Students in the Armstrong Library/Maker Space are getting ready to showcase their creativity in the Maker Faire!

    During the last two weeks of school, classrooms with get to visit other classrooms to see all of the amazing creations going on at Armstrong School.  Ask your child what he/she is working on currently!

    Rube Goldberg Projects in Makerspace

    All classrooms have started building Rube Goldberg Machines.  Rube Goldberg was a cartoonist who was famous for drawing cartoons that showed a very complicated way to accomplish something simple.  All classrooms have played the game, Mouse Trap, which is a great example of a Rube Goldberg Machine!  Students are using their creativity and collaboration to create some very complicated machines!

    Makerspace Cardboard Challenge

    The Armstrong Library makerspace is in full effect this week!  We have started the Cardboard Challenge.  Students are creating something out of cardboard to solve a problem or just to have fun!  It’s been an amazing week! Follow us on Twitter for pictures!

    Library Reminders

    We had a great first week in the library!  Students were able to check out books and learned a little bit about Maker Space!  This year, students will be creative problem solvers in our Armstrong Maker Space!  More details will be coming soon!

    Students were able to check out books this week.  Books are always due on the day students visit the library.  See the top of this webpage for details about when your child’s class comes to the Armstrong Library.