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Armstrong PTA Executive Committee Officer Nominations

It is time to begin placing nominations for next year’s PTA officers. This is an important task because it sets the leadership for PTA in the coming year. Take a moment to consider the direction you would like PTA to take next year, as well as who can make that happen.

Becoming involved in the PTA is an excellent way to support your children in their education! Nominate a friend, a neighbor, or even yourself (Who knows better than YOU, what a great job YOU would do?)

Positions available are:

President – Heads up the PTA, presides at all PTA meetings, signs checks for PTA account, attends monthly district meetings and creates PTA meeting agenda. Weekly time investment.

Vice President – Serves as an aide to the president, assumes duties should the president not be able to attend or continue in that position, and signs checks for PTA account.  Attends monthly PTA meetings.  Minimal time investment.

Treasurer – Maintains all PTA financial records and reports. Keeps an accurate record of receipts and expenditures.  Submits PTA taxes and processes reimbursements.  Responsible for writing checks and obtaining appropriate signatures.  Attends monthly PTA meetings.  Weekly time investment, as well as stopping in the school office on a regular basis.

Recording Secretary – Records and distributes minutes of all PTA meetings.  Attends monthly PTA meetings.  Monthly time investment.

Corresponding Secretary – Reports correspondence of the PTA as well as purchases staff/PTA member gifts throughout the school year as needed.  Attends monthly PTA meetings.  Minimal time investment.

Each of these positions carries a one-year term and an individual can serve no more than two consecutive terms.

Note: Officers must be PTA members and are required to attend training classes.

No one can be nominated without his or her consent, and all nominations will be handled confidentially. Self-nominations are welcome.  A person can also be nominated for multiple positions.  Of course, a person would only be elected for one position through the school year.  A  nomination form was sent home with students, but there is also a printable version.

If you have any questions, please contact Sarah Dean at SarahMDean@gmail.comor 847-226-8792.  You can also contact Tina Mielke at 847-357-6742 or  Tina and Sarah are the chairpersons of the Nominating Committee.  Sarah is also the current PTA Vice President.

Please return the nominations form to the school office by Thursday, February 21st.