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Lunch and Snack Time!

Our lunchtime including recess is scheduled from  12:00 to 12:45 PM which is really about the midpoint of the school day.  Yet, students may bring a healthy and quiet snack that is eaten mid-morning.  The snacks must be placed in the student’s desk each morning before we begin the school day.  Because snacks may be eaten during teaching time, students are NOT allowed to return to their lunch boxes or backpacks during snack time.  Students are not allowed to transition with their snacks, the snacks must be eaten in their homeroom.  Although it is important for each child to have a nutritional snack in the morning, students are not allowed to share and/or supply another child’s snack.  You must send your child with his/her own snack.

Snacks must be nutritional.  Candy bars, potato chips, Twinkies, and other “junk food” will not be allowed.  If you choose to send a snack with your child, please send it in a paper bag with their name on it or include it in their lunchbox, indicating which food is the snack.  Listed below are a few ideas for a nutritional snack to send with your child.

Fruit (fresh or dried)

Apples, grapes, bananas, cantaloupe, melon, raisins


Celery, carrots, pickles

 Other Snacks

Popcorn, unsweetened cereal, cheese, crackers, graham crackers, yogurt, pretzels, animal crackers

PLEASE NO DRINKS during snack times.  Water bottles are allowed during the school day.  The bottles MUST contain water and be able to be closed to avoid spilling.