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Meet Mr. Blaszko

Hello!  I have been at Armstrong School for several years.  I wasn’t originally a teacher and after working 20 years in the corporate world, I decided to change my career.  My original degree from Western Illinois University was a Bachelor of Business.  So, in 2002, I went back to school and graduated with a Masters in Education from Roosevelt University in 2004.  I began my teaching career at Armstrong and decided to obtain another masters degree.  In 2009, I graduated from NIU with a Masters in Literacy Education with an emphasis in English Language Learning.  I enjoy teaching and always continue to educate myself by reading and attending staff development and workshops.  In fact, I completed my third Master’s degree in Educational Leadership from the American College of Education.  Education is important and it’s one thing that people cannot take away from you.

I am happily married to my wife, Marilou, and we have three children.  I also have four grandchildren.  I live in Schaumburg so you just might see me at your favorite store or restaurant.  I like to collect lighthouses especially for the lighthouses that I have visited.  I like to garden, travel and relax on vacations too.