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Classroom Procedures


Strikes are violations against our mutually agreed-upon classroom and school rules.  When a student violates a rule or does not complete his or her homework for the day, the teacher records a “strike” on a chart in the classroom.  Each student could record up to three strikes per day.  The third strike will result in a phone call home to the parent.  If a student does not complete his or her homework and receives a strike, they may have to complete the homework while the rest of the class is at recess or during homework club.

PBIS Stamps:

Each full week of school is worth 5 stamps on the students’ PBIS card.  For each day the student remains “strike free” they are rewarded one stamp given to them on a weekly basis.  No stamps will be given for days a child is absent.  PBIS Stamp Cards are collected and are spent at the PBIS store.  Students should write his/her name on each stamp card because these cards become part of an all-school drawing for fun gifts.


Most times, we take bathroom breaks to give an opportunity for all students to use the washroom facilities.  Unless there is an emergency, students are NOT allowed to go to the bathroom during lessons.  When there is seat work and independent/team time, students may then be excused to use the bathroom.  If there is excessive emergency use of the bathroom, a note from home explaining the reason for the excessive use of the bathroom may be needed.


Politeness is among one of our rules.  Therefore, manners will be stressed in the classroom by saying “Please,” “Thank You” and “You’re Welcome” to fellow classmates.  Therefore, rudeness, name calling, bullying, and speaking out of turn will NOT be tolerated by anyone in the classroom.