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Social Emotional Learning Focus

At school, we have been talking about Self-Awareness and Personal Goals and would like to share ways you can continue the learning at home. The following questions/scenarios can be completed anytime. Talking with your children will reinforce the social emotional life skills needed. We hope you enjoy the valuable discussions with your children!

In Kindergarten through Second Grade, you can tell your child what strengths you believe you possess and ask your child what strengths he/she possesses.  Ask your child about her/his goals in school.  “What is a personal goal you’d like to set at home?”  Celebrate each step your child takes to accomplishing his/her goal.

In Third through Sixth Grade, you can ask your child, “What messages do you want your actions to send to others? How will you ensure you are sending the messages you want to send?  How does your behavior influence others?  What can you do to positively influence others?”  You can also discuss how sometimes distractions come in the way of reaching our goals.  Talk about what might distract your child from reaching a goal and how he/she can work to  combat it.