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Teaching Staff for 2018-2019 School Year

Here are Armstrong’s teachers for the 2018-2019 school year!  As we prepare for classes next year, our staffing plan may adjust based on student enrollment over the summer.

Kindergarten: Ms. Klimisch and Ms. Whipple

K-1 Instructional: Ms. Turner (soon to be Mrs. Skazin)

First Grade: Mrs. Simms and Mrs. Herrera

1-2 Instructional: Ms. Noonan

Second Grade: Mrs. King, Mrs. Paradise, Ms. Adamo (soon to be Mrs. Vaszquez)

2-3 Instructional: Ms. Harris

Third Grade: Mr. Sun and Ms. Todd

3-5 Instructional: Mrs. Rysavy

Fourth Grade: Ms. Reid and Ms. Balogh

Fifth Grade: Mrs. Rengers, Mrs. Sarley, and Mrs. Blakely

5-6 Instructional: Mrs. Moeller

Sixth Grade: Mrs. Faso, Mrs. Griffin-Langlais, Mr. Blaszko