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Send Your Broken Crayons to Armstrong to Support the Crayon Initiative

Armstrong has paired with The Crayon Initiative to collect the loose broken crayons around Armstrong as we clean out our desks at school and at home.

The Crayon Initiative collects donated crayons from restaurants, schools and homes across the country, then melts them down and remanufactures them, reducing waste.

Better yet, the recycled crayons are distributed to art programs at children’s hospitals across the U.S., brightening the lives of young patients during their stay. With the aid of thousands of volunteers, The Crayon Initiative has taken great strides to help keep the earth clean, while spreading joy to kids in need by providing them with an endless supply of free art materials.

Last year we were able to send nearly 100 pounds of crayons to California, and we hope to do the same this coming year!