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Amazing Things Happening at Armstrong!

The past two weeks have highlighted many different ways that our students are unique and special in their own way.  During the Talent Show, students impressed the crowd by singing, dancing, playing the piano and violin, and even performing magic!  The Talent Show is run by students, who also fill the roles of emcees, stage crew, and operating the spotlight.

Our second grade music performance “Bugz!” included songs, solos, and a display of artwork created by the students. Each second grader learned about symmetry in math, which also connected with their art project to create a symmetrical bug to decorate the gym for their music performance. This is just one example of the collaboration our staff demonstrates to allow students to make connections across the curriculum.

Our sixth graders are also in the spotlight!  Yesterday our sixth grade student, Juan, competed in the District 54 Spanish Speech Contest and earned third place.  In addition, three sixth grade students will be travelling to Springfield next week to participate in TECH2018 in the State Capitol Building, where they will share the Mini Jumbotron project they created during FUSE.  We are so proud to have these students representing Armstrong and District 54!