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Help Armstrong’s PTA Earn Money By Using Shoparoo!

Using the Shoparoo App is a great way to support our Armstrong PTA (Parent Teacher Association)!  Download the App today!  See below for more information.

What is Shoparoo?

Shoparoo is a school fundraising app that uses grocery receipts to earn points. The fundraising dollars generated are based on the total dollar amount of the receipts submitted through the Shoparoo app when you choose “Neil Armstrong Elementary School PTA.”   The app is available on your Android phone or iPhone.

Where does the information on the receipts go?

The information is made completely anonymous and used in market research reports.  Personal info such as credit card numbers or phone numbers are not requested or used.  Shoparoo receives dollars for the product information on the receipts.

How does Shoparoo reward points?

Shoparoo awards the following Roo points based on the total purchase amount.  (500 Roo points = $1)

Less than $10 = 10 Roo Points

$10 – $50 = 20 Roo Points

$50- $100 = 30 Roo Points

$100+ = 40 Roo Points

What receipts can I submit?

Shoparoo accepts receipts from ANY grocer, supercenter, club store, dollar store, drugstore, convenience mart or pet supply store – regardless of what products you buy! Receipts for restaurants, apparel-only, home improvement or gas­ only do NOT earn Roo Points. You have 14 days to scan your receipts, so you can save all your receipts and only need to snap a picture of them once a week.

Examples of over 15,000 qualifying retailers:

Grocers -Kroger or any grocery store – including your local mom & pop grocer

Supercenters- Walmart, Target, Kmart, or Meijer

Clubs- Costco, Sam’s Club, or GFS (even if you don’t buy groceries when you shop there)

Drug Stores- Walgreens, CVS, Rite-Aid, or local drug stores with grocery products

Convenience Stores- 7-Eleven, Shell, BP, and any other convenience store (as long as more than gas appears on the receipt)

Dollar Stores -Dollar General, Family Dollar, Dollar Tree, etc.

Pet Supply Stores- PetSmart, Petco, etc.

Every Receipt COUNTS!! So submit them ALL!!!

Non-grocery receipts from restaurants and other retailers count as entries for monthly and end-of-school-year sweepstakes!

Receipts must have the following information in order to be accepted…Store Name, purchased items,purchase date, and transaction total.

Are receipts the only way we can earn points?

No, you can score bonus points by submitting receipts for a certain amount of consecutive weeks, or by participating in various surveys. You can also earn bonus points for inviting friends and family to sign up.

What about privacy?

All participants can remain anonymous and privacy is 100% in their control.  Participants are not required at any point to share or provide their name or credit card information.  Participants can always cross-out anything they’d like to on a receipt before taking a photo of it.  The amount you paid for it will still count! When downloading the app, you have the option to remain anonymous. When a prompt asks for your name, simply leave it blank and your name will appear as “Anonymous” on the school leader board.