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A Tip from our PBIS Tier 2 Team: Clearly State Your Expectations in Advance

Sometimes undesirable behavior occurs because your child can’t act differently, other times it occurs because your child simply doesn’t want to act differently. Either way, it helps for you to remember that your child cannot read your mind.  Be sure to give your child one clear instruction so that he/she knows what it is that you want him to do. Here is an example: You are visiting a friend’s house and your son has been playing with his favorite cousin.  Over the course of the afternoon, toys have been tossed aside and scattered throughout the room.  When you say, “Come on Alex, it’s time to get ready to go!” he ignores you completely and continues to play.  A better approach might be to say, “All right, it’s time to get going.  Alex, let’s start by putting the blocks in their box.  I see it over there in the corner!”​ By giving clear directions, your child understands what you expect from his/her behavior, and can better follow what you expect.